Vernon Jane

Enjoy this trip. And it is a trip.


Photographed for State’s Faces by Kieran Frost

What was the thing you’d celebrate most about 2016?

Emily:  I think the things we celebrated and appreciated most about 2016 were the opportunities and support. Within two weeks of our EP launch we had sold every copy that we made by hand, that left us speechless. We had a lot of bookers take a chance on us for things like Body & Soul, Electric Picnic, and we even got to play Liverpool’s Sound City. We got to graduate from college together. We’re like a family and we got to share a lot of important musical firsts during 2016.

Ricky: Looking back over the festival season the Summer brings great memories. The slots which we were given such as headlining Knockanstockan and playing twice down at Body & Soul as well as the 1am slot in Electric Picnic. Those are the times when you get the biggest crowd and the pressure is on to perform but are always most enjoyable.

Alex: for me it was filling the opium rooms for our EP launch in march. seeing so many people come to cheer on your passion is really touching and motivates you to keep going at it. also the festivals we’re great.


What was the draw to music for you guys, and did that initial curiosity aid in forming Vernon Jane?

Emily: Vernon Jane wasn’t a planned project. At the time of our first jam I was really going through a battle with what drew me to music. It had always been this necessary outlet in my life, but I had never asked myself why, and I dove into so many projects spreading myself thin. Meeting the Vernon Janers was just this natural progression, every member was relaxed and a close friend, I showed them the material that was pouring out and they accepted every weird and out-there concept. We jammed for a few months before ever having a goal or a plan, it was just music in its purest form and that time reaffirmed my draw to music and my absolute need for it in my life.   

Ricky: I grew up with music in my family and playing music was just something I’ve always been exposed to since a young age. I’ve a real fondness for originality and being involved with projects in all aspects of life which test me. Performing in Vernon Jane is so welcoming to weirdness that every jam has provided testing opportunities as a musician.

Alex: a lot of expression comes out of jam sessions and when it’s grooving in a cool way that’s when I feel most functional so I guess that’s the draw for me. This feeling of functionality has definitely been given room to grow in Vernon Lane


What challenges have you faced and how have they affected the band?

Emily:  I think our biggest challenge is real life. We all work full time in order to survive in Dublin. We consist of two wonderful salad choppers, a banker, a shop cashier, a security guard/session musician, an animator, and a world class trumpeter. The cost of living in this city is a constant battle for each of us and that can lead to scheduling conflicts that can be so disheartening. We try our very best and prioritize Vernon Jane every step of the way, if that means gigging at 2am and being in work for 8am so be it. We finally have our own practice room and Tuesday is Vernon Jane day so our 2017 is looking great. 

Ricky: … what Emily said

Alex: ditto ditto ditto


Tell us a bit about your favourite artists and how they may (or may not!) have inspired you.

Emily: I like that I despise some of the other members’ choices in music... I think that is what makes us work. For me my ultimate playlist would have to include.. Thundercat, Robert Glasper, Queens Of The Stoneage, Jeff Buckley, Tame Impala, Tricot, and everything jazz.

Ricky: Ehhhhh Vernon Jane is full of so many different influences amalgamated into one which wrongly works in a weird way. 

Alex: listening to Frank Zappa is like staring into the sun


If there’s one thing you’d like to achieve in 2017, what would it be?

Emily: After finally finishing up college and earning that degree I want nothing more to travel and bring Vernon Jane everywhere. We are releasing a single in April 2017 and it is definitely a strong representation as to what to expect in the future, it is a very honest, raw piece of music and is something we are very proud of. Paperbag animator, aka our saxophone player, is working closely with us to finally represent the imagery that matches the music which we play, this is literally a dream come true. To find out more watch our social media, and there is a hint of what to expect featured in the photo we’ve just done with you guys. We are band that prides themselves on creatively evolving and 2017 is going to get pretty real. 

Ricky: I’d like to create something which represents us properly. Live, our music is so loud and eccentric which is difficult to capture in the studio. Emily’s idea to capture the band’s aesthetic through Sean’s (saxophone player) incredible animation skills is hopefully something which will depict a proper representation of our music.

Alex: The idea of doing an album is very appealing.


“Every single band member adds their own unique quirkiness and that’s reflected in the music they create….” (Ele)