Olga Kuzmenko

Olga Kuzmenko has been shooting live gigs for State since 2013, and has captured eight of the bands chosen for our Faces publications, as well as covering the Longitude and Electric Picnic festivals. With a passion for loud and heavy music, she aims to capture emotion and movement through the viewfinder. She has studied photography, film, TV and video production, and is always ready for new and interesting projects.




Leah Carroll is passionate about photography – specialising in music, automotive and event shoots.  Having photographed bands such as Portishead, Blondie, Le Galaxie, All Tvvins, Beck as well as Electric Picnic, Body & Soul and Longitude festivals. Leah’s aim is to honour bands and their music through imagery.  



Kieran Frost_.jpg

Kieran Frost

Over the last decade, Kieran Frost has managed to photograph close to every band passing though, or based in Ireland at some stage during that time. As well as being a photographer for State, Kieran contributes regularly to the Redferns agency, Q Magazine, Billboard, Rolling Stone, The The Irish Times and Sunday Times. In his spare time, Kieran plays cowbell.



Killian Broderick

Killian Broderick is a lifestyle photographer and director based in Dublin, Ireland. His work has been featured in both national and international publications and has been nominated for several awards including Best Director and Best Video at the IMTV awards, winning Best Dance Video.


Zoë Holman.jpg

Zoë Holman

Zoë Holman is a 20 year old self-taught photographer with a love for all cameras made at least 10 years before she was born. She loves shooting music, creative projects and her friends - which, luckily, often tend to overlap.