The Fontaines

Just give us some of that rock ‘n’ roll music.


Photographed for State's Faces by Olga Kuzmenko

What was the thing you’d celebrate most about 2016?

We became complete in our indifference towards what was expected of us. Then we found an identity. Then we found ourselves onstage with some big names, still caught up in our own private universe.


Do you think there’s a pressure on homegrown artists to find a niche?

There’s only one of anybody. To just be yourself through music is the only "niche" that matters as far as I’m concerned. 


What inspired you to pick up your instruments in the first place?

We picked up our instruments probably because it felt cooler than holding a betting pencil. 


Tell us a bit about your writing and recording process - is it all very organic or structured?

(Grian) When I’m bored in work I pull out a load of old receipt paper and write some poetry or lyrics or whatever on the back. Then I see who’s around after I close up and ask can they meet me in half an hour in our practice room.

Someone usually shouts “play some rock ’n roll” and I’ll just start shouting all these words off the paper. 

That week we’d gig it and see how it goes down. 


What do you predict for The Fontaines in 2017?

We’re gonna tell people what’s really going on.


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