Analog aficionados making their way in a digitally saturated genre of electronica, you’d be hard pressed to find an outfit as fresh as Sun.Set.Ships with such a robust grasp of synth-driven indie.


Photographed for State's Faces by Kieran Frost

How do you find the dynamic of writing and recording as a trio?

Good! One member usually has the foundation for a song and they will bring it to the group for input. Having three heads working on it leads to more creative ideas than if you were to work on it alone, this also helps to prevent any writer’s block. Generally, each song is written by one member and the rest is just production, which we do ourselves in our home studio.


You've been garnering a really healthy following off the back of your live shows so far, what's the one thing you feel really makes your gigs special?

We have built a really strong local following that attend most of our gigs and know all the lyrics to our songs, this creates a great atmosphere for the audience and ourselves on stage and really helps make the gigs special. We are constantly blown away by the support and it keeps us motivated to continue producing new music and playing shows.


Can you tell us a little about how you feel the outfit has developed creatively over the past 12 months?

We feel that we have found our sound and we weren’t afraid to experiment more, we have decided on a path to release singles for the foreseeable future to keep our music fresh for our fans. The introduction of some new equipment and instruments also helped expand the creative possibilities.


Would you say you have many musical influences in common, and does that feed into your writing?

We share a lot of similar influences and listen to a lot of the same music but each member also has their own niche, from dance music to rock to electronica. This does feed heavily into our writing and gives us our unique sound and places our music in several different genres. It’s like adding ingredients that normally wouldn’t go together but somehow it works, like a tasty burrito.


What was your finest moment of 2017, and what can we expect over the next 12 months?

Our finest moment of 2017 was probably selling out our own headline show at Whelan’s back in January. We were overwhelmed by the support from everyone, familiar faces and new. This gave us a huge boost for the the rest of the year. For 2018 we are going to continue releasing new music as often as possible and hopefully get a good run at the festival scene in the summer.