Classically themed, meat on the bone pop music.


Photographed for State’s Faces by Killian Broderick

Is there anything you’d change about 2016?

The year was really good to me. I only released my first single in January, and by December I was playing Other Voices. I’m very grateful for the experiences I had in the few short months that I have been releasing my original music. Music wise, I wouldn’t change anything! However, I do wish that Leonard Cohen hadn’t passed away; I’d love to have seen him live.


How do you feel about genre labels like alt-pop?

Alt-pop is just a sub genre of pop. I often describe my own music as alt-pop, or as pop music with a bit of meat on the bone.


What was the single-most impressive gig you’ve went to in the last 12 months and why?

I went to a lot of great gigs last year. The most impressive ones were probably Saint Sister in the Unitarian Church, and Tom Odell in the Olympia. I’ve been following Saint Sister for about a year, and every time I see them live they are better than the previous time. They are really special. I’ve also been a fan of Tom’s for years, but hadn’t seem him live since 2013. I was really impressed by his level of showmanship and musicianship when I saw him in November, he put on a real show.


Do you find writing and recording a difficult process or do you approach it full of ideas?

It varies. In terms of writing I often go through dry spells and have to push myself to compose something. Other times, I will be full of ideas for weeks and could easily write a song a day. My best songs are written quickly. 


What would you like to achieve in 2017?

I would love to play a few festivals in the summer. I would also love to travel outside of Ireland to play a show with my band.


In terms of the other names on the list, Farah Elle is AMAZING. I played the Sofar Sounds Christmas Special with her last week and I was blown away. Ailbhe Reddy is equally brilliant, I supported her at her EP launch last May. Her song ‘Coffee’ is beautiful. I also love Wastefellow, we collaborated last year on a remix of my song 'Who Are You Living For?'. He’s incredibly talented and a lovely guy.


“I really love the concept of her audio-visual projects and the songs back that up completely... (Ailbhe Reddy)