Belfast meets London in a head-on rock collision.


Photographed by Nick Kent

What was the biggest moment for Rews in 2016?

It was an all round epic year as we had so many shows and our support has been incredible but our highlights include Glastonbury & being Huw Stephens’ (Radio 1) tip of the week! Oh and crashing the Kerrang! Awards was pretty fun too....


If there was a defining moment in your musical career so far, what would it be?

We have had so many excellent defining moments so far! 

Collette : I feel that the affirmation we receive from real fans and our relationship building with them has been pretty defining.

Shauna : I agree and also feel the time that we have spent together in the car travelling to and from gigs has really solidified our friendship and musicianship! We are having the best time! 


Has the dynamic for Rews change since you first began making music? If so, how?

The dynamic is always changing in making music and in life - we are always learning from and about each other everyday from jamming, communicating & just hanging out. We started out as whispers from friends who thought we would get on and through the power of the internet - we connected, hung out & we’re pretty much sisters now! 


Do you have any rituals that you stick to when playing live so as to make sure the show will be successful?

Just a few burps and a bum slap... Usually does it! Sometimes we go way out & do vocal warm ups in the toilets whilst acting like gremlins... Gets all the creative juices flowing.


What would you like to achieve in 2017?

There are so many things we would like to achieve in 2017! We want to record & release our debut album, build on our already incredible team, make more fans, noise & keep having fun! 


“Two absolutely unreal musicians working together is always pretty delightful….” (Ailbhe Reddy)