Proper Micro NV

Rory Hall’s Proper Micro NV creates electronica that’s blisteringly sharp, beautifully layered, but also poignant and soulful. A rare combination from a relatively young contender.


Photographed for State's Faces by Olga Kuzmenko

What kind of influences would you count as having an impact on your choice to pursue music / your musical direction?

I started writing music as a way to essentially vent emotion. Basically my thoughts on certain situations written on a page and then gradually attempting to formulate them in to some sort of structured song. So I suppose I can say that a series of emotional moments brought me to music! I've always had a huge interest in electronic music. I put that down to my parents. I was surrounded by it from an early age. My mum listened to a lot of disco records and my dad listened to a lot of ambient, experimental and some new wave stuff too. I think that definitely influenced my sway towards the electronic music genre.


In terms of current Irish electronic artists, who is doing big things and has contributed to the scene in a big way?

I'm delighted to see an expanding Irish electronic music scene of late. It's great to see and a true sign of change. In terms of someone who has consistently contributed to the scene in a big way - I have to choose Roisin Murphy. She's constantly looking forward and really holds music and art hand in hand. A great performer too - saw her at the Olympia in 2016 and at Electric Picnic in 2015 - she was the highlight of the festival for me.

Over the last few weeks I've been listening to Wastefellow. Love his music videos and his general sound. Le Boom have reinvigorated the Irish Dance music scene, New Jackson is one of my favourite musical projects in existence at the moment.  Without a doubt there's some real quality out there and it's probably not going to stop any time soon which is wonderful!


Do you feel like Limerick is cultivating a rich musical lineage of its own - compared to other parts of the country?

Definitely. It's an emerging force without question. Over the last three or four years it seems to have turned towards a different, experimental and sort of off-kilter direction which I think has made the Limerick scene stand out. We're now embracing a lot of genres that we wouldn't have properly looked at a few years ago, electronic music and grime being two of them. The live music scene is only growing stronger too. Some really great venues out there and attendance rates are really positive.


What can you tell us about your writing and production that made you think differently about how you instigate the process?

A lot of my music doesn't really have your typical everyday structure per se. I'm very free-form in terms of the overall layout of my music. I suppose that has naturally driven my material towards an increasingly more experimental sound over the last few years, lyrically too. I'm also very off the cuff. I'll suddenly feel creative on a whim and will take my phone out and hum a melody, or record a vocal so I'll remember it later on that night. An example would be when I was standing at a bus stop opposite a hospital and recorded some vocals on the spot for a song on an EP I put out last June. The song was called ‘Handwriting’. The vocals I recorded at that bus stop ended up staying on the final track. Several people noticed me singing in to my phone that day but I didn't really care. I think when you’re jumping about on a stage whilst sometimes wearing a mask - you learn not to!


How are you feeling creatively about 2018?

I'm feeling incredibly creative which is a wonderful feeling for me. At the moment I'm prepping gigs and rehearsing with my live band. We've been gigging since March 2017 so we're quite fresh and constantly looking to add new elements to our live sound. We're really happy with the reaction to our live shows so far. It can get a bit crazy sometimes with lots of masks and loud noises - but people seem to enjoy the fact that the live show is a bit odd like that. I'd love to play some festivals this year over the summer too. That would be glorious.

In terms of releases, my latest EP Colours was released last June. I definitely want to put something out in 2018. My main aim is to release something with an Irish label so we'll see what happens there. I'm writing new material all the time and I do have a few new songs ready to go that will see the light of day at some point this year. I love the whole artistic process, I really do. It's fascinating. I never really know what's around the corner.