Pillow Queens

The band behind one of our very favourite songs of 2017, Pillow Queens look set to prove there’s a lot more to come in 2018.


Photographed for State's Faces by Leah Carroll

How did Pillow Queens come together?

We’ve all known each other separately for years, and been in bands that have gigged together in the past. In the middle of 2016 the idea to get a deadly band together popped into our head and we just gathered the soundest and most talented mots into one Pillow Queensy entity.


Were there any bands that you all bonded over?

There’s not really a consistent list of bands that we all listened to to get the sound we wanted. We sort of knew what kind of music we wanted to make, but everyone drew from their own references to contribute to it which I think makes it a lot more fun.


Your early gigs seemed to go very well?

Yeah they were a trip! We organised our debut gig last December and we were able to get our faves; girlfriend, Sissy, and Bitch Falcon to play. It ended up being a sell out and we raised loads of cash for the doggies at Cara Rescue. After that we just gigged like crazy through the whole year so we hope no ones sick of us.


How has it been playing in the UK?

That was an amazing experience. We organised the whole tour ourselves (Sarah did really) so it was a lot to take on as a baby band but it ended up being so much fun and we ended up meeting great new people.


What should we expect from you in 2018?

Well we’re gonna be releasing some new music for one! Which we hope you like. And we’ll be giggin a lot more outside of Dublin and Ireland really. Maybe a few new music vidz? We’ll keep you on tenterhooks...


“We love them to bits, they are the nicest people ever. I think we must have listened to their EP a thousand times….” (Girlfriend)

“We've been lucky enough to play with this deadly band a few times and they're as lovely as they are talented! 'Rats' is one of my favorite tunes, I have it on every playlist we make going to and from gigs. Very cool people.” (Brand New Friend)
“I caught them on the Other Voices stage at Electric Picnic and was actually pissed off with how fully formed they were...” (Swimmers Jackson)
“They have such a great energy and power behind their sound….” (Lōwli)