New Portals

Synth pop exquisiteness from Belfast


Photographed for State's Faces by Leah Carroll

How did you meet?

When we were teens at a gig. Mike's friend was drumming for my friend’s band. Also, I should mention - there was a weird rumour going about that we are brother and sister but we’ve been married for a few years now!


What were your initial opinions of each other?

I remember chatting to Mike thinking he was really smart and confident, but not overly confident (like he is now!) and I liked that he was so into me. He asked me who my favourite Spice Girl was.


What is it about the combination of pop music and synths that is so affecting? 

Synths are a rich, full sound and most of the time easy on the ear - what’s not to like? When I hear synths now it takes me back to my childhood sitting on my dad’s knee watching awesome movies with synths in the soundtrack.


You seem to have picked up some nice media support so far, is that still important?

We still get really excited when some blogger or platform posts nice things about us. I guess tastemakers have that name for a reason. When they give their opinion people listen up and in turn want to check things out for themselves.


What were the best and strangest moments of 2016?

We did an awesome show in The Mac in Belfast with Goldie Fawn, AE Mak and Beauty Sleep. It was an interactive, Jools Holland style show with lots of props, banners, flags, dancers. It was the best craic. Then we are just back from playing shows in New York which was a bit of a prolonged party and we were in Times Square when Trump got elected which was definitely the strangest moment of the year!  Then the first New Portals playlisting from Spotify this year was pretty great. We did pop some prosecco!!