Cork’s Roisin Lowry takes the listener on a dark and dramatic musical journey.


Photographed for State's Faces by Olga Kuzmenko

Did you always have an idea of the sound you wanted?

I suppose I had always wanted to portray that dark, orchestral sound in my music. I grew up playing Classical music on piano so I wanted to preserve this sort of romantic, dark sound from composers that inspire me, such as Chopin and Debussy. I also wanted to have a pop element present too, particularly in the vocal and the style of songwriting. So I guess I’ve always wanted to create that pop-noir sound.


Was that hard to achieve at first?

I think it’s always a little challenging to try to achieve a particular sound when you first start a music project. But fortunately, I didn’t find this too difficult and it came together quite well. I’d already had a good bit of experience writing and arranging music in previous projects, so this was useful. I’d also been working on the songs with great musicians so this made it a lot easier to achieve the right sound.


How has the band developed since becoming a four piece?

I’m always trying to develop the band as much as I can, especially for the live shows. I try to change things up regularly to keep audiences interested but also I think this helps to keep me motivated and passionate too. Recently, I’ve been experimenting a little - trying out slightly different arrangements of the songs as well as changing up the instrumental line-up a bit. I’m now working backing vocalists which is great. I think they add a new, richer texture to the sound which I’m really happy with. So I’m really looking forward to playing my next few gigs to exhibit this sound and to also see what kind of a response I get.


The combination of piano, cello and drums seems to lend itself to a dramatic approach?

Absolutely. It’s important for me to have both powerful and delicate elements in my music and the instrumentation certainly helps to portray that dramatic contrast that I want to achieve, particularly in the live shows. I think this approach also stems from the Classical influence that I try to incorporate into the sound, which also helps create a more dramatic and dynamic sound.


What are your plans for 2018?

I have lots of plans for 2018 - the biggest is my debut EP release, which will be out in the summer. I’ve been taking my time with this release and making sure the sound is exactly where I want it to be. It’s a bit different to my last single, so I’m really looking forward to getting it out there and seeing what the response is like. Besides this, I’d like to play more gigs and festivals throughout the year too. I’ve got some cool shows in the pipeline for 2018 which I’m really excited about. All will be revealed soon!





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