Emerging from the shadows of a solo project into an equally hazy full band, Chancer have made a rapid impact in the world of instrumental, post-hardcore music and beyond.


Photographed for State's Faces by Kieran Frost

What were the roots of the band?

DARA: The band started off as just me. It was just an experiment to see if I could make my way into a studio and record a song alone without anyone other than the engineer. There wasn't any plans for live shows or even a band name until about six months later.

DAVE: I remember just after he recorded it Dara sent me Whistlers and  I loved it. We'd been mates a few years & our bands had played a tonne of shows together. I wasn't even remotely thinking about being in the band at that point. I was just really impressed.


Did the sound develop as you added members?

DARA: In terms of strings and the cinematic vibe definitely. We hadn't thought of  having a strings player live before and it sort of just fell into place. The second  single had Rachael's strings on it before we'd jammed or stood in a jam room together as a 4 piece band. As soon as I knew I wanted to try to perform these songs live I kinda new I wanted Andy as my drummer. I actually approached first Dave to come in as a second guitarist but he had other ideas.

DAVE: Dara had only known me as a guitarist but I actually started on bass. I think a lot of instrumental bands layer too many guitars. I felt the riffs were really strong & needed to kinda be aloud to breath. I saw loads of space in the songs for bass but felt more guitar would be too much especially with the violin on top. Basically I thought the role of the bass in this band would be loads of fun so I was just being selfish!


Was the plan always to release tracks at such a quick pace?

DAVE: I would say the plan was to make our presence known. You can spend way too much time on your first release & by the time it comes out you've lost some of that 'buzz'. Once you've got some songs out you've nearly got a head-start so you can improve & write more. I've always enjoyed bands where you can hear them growing with each release so hopefully the people who listen to us will hear that even in the first four songs because we've literally been figuring it out as we go.

DARA: Yeah, it can be very easy to get lazy with releases and we hope to keep whoever is listening to us interested. A UK band called Ganglions contacted us after we were both on the same online mixtape & asked if we'd like to share a tour with them after our 3rd single so we want to just keep that momentum going and hopefully more opportunities like that arise.


What was your strangest moment of 2017?

DARA:The strangest thing has been getting offered to play all of the gigs we've played so far. Playing abroad and playing with international bands touring here has been great for us so soon in the game.  

DAVE: Definitely seeing how many places and in how many ways Dara can pass out after partying too hard post gig. I'll say no more.


What are your plans for 2018?

DARA: More of the same hopefully. Our first EP will come out early on in the new year, hopefully some people will like it, maybe we can do an album then. We all love  playing live, so a lot more of that.


“One of my guilty pleasures is successfully dancing to ever-changing time signatures.” (Dowry)