Count Vaseline

The Mighty Stef is dead, long live Count Vaseline…


Photographed for State's Faces by Ste Murray

Did you always plan to get back into music after the Mighty Stef finished?

Yes, for sure. It was pretty seamless for me. Within seven days of the last show in Dublin I was playing the first Count show in Berlin. I'd only half the set written at noon on the day of the show but I managed to pull it together. It was was a memorable performance… Within a few weeks I was recording my first album and the beginning of 2017 will see my second. It's an enjoyable project so far.


Was it important to move to a new city?

I thought it was important to get out of Ireland. Berlin is a double edged sword; obviously a lot of art goes on there but I also fell heavily into amphetamines. Street speed. The good and the bad of my experience of living there can be traced in the fabric of the lyrics of ‘Yo No Soy Marinero' my first record. 


And then you moved again? 

I fled Berlin and now am operating out of Atlanta, GA.  I've been getting myself clean and have been hyper productive. Setting up a studio and a label dedicated to putting out tapes. Scouting for artists to work with etc., America is weird right now for obvious reasons but I love it here. 


Did you lose yourself in recording a completely solo project? 

In the beginning I lost myself in drugs thinking I was being productive. I was to a degree but it wasn't until I started to clean up that the ideas all came together. I've been going deep ever since. No idea is off limits to me and there are numerous creative rabbit holes I've gone down and around. I play all instruments...that's fun and educational for me. Cascade, my second record, will be a little darker. Donald Trump dark. Aleppo dark. A reflection on what's going on in the outside world and how it's been reflected on my inside world. 


What are your plans for 2017? 

I'm making a third record at the moment. I'm planning on touring the US in the spring and summer. Europe late in the year. I'm writing a book too. A fiction about a little Irish town harbouring dark secrets. We’ll see how that goes. I'm just being productive. The speed freak in me lives on! 

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