Bobby Basil

It’s the second time round for Bobby Basil, who appeared in this feature as part of the duo Dah Jevu in 2015 (playing that year’s launch gig alongside Bitch Falcon, Loah and Robocobra Quartet no less). Now he’s back on his own but no less an intriguing prospect on the hip-hop scene.


How are you finding life as a solo artist?

To be honest I never consider myself a ‘solo’ artist because I’m always around creative people who help me with decisions, some being more independent than others. In terms of having the final call on what I put out though I suppose responsibility and space to work with what you want the public to see in an artist.


Is there a big difference between your sound now and what you were doing in Dah Jevu?

Yes it’s completely different, uncomparable. I’m a different person with new influences - friends and stuff. I don’t really party anymore so you can imagine the room I have for focus now. It’s hard to completely pin down my sound but it’s certainly different. I’m working with some slick producers.


The visual element to your music seems very important?

My mind works visually mostly. It’s a strong part of my seduction.


What was your best moment of 2017?

When I finally learned to rap properly.


What do you hope to see happen in Irish music in 2018?

Just for everyone to keep raising the standard and build towards the world hearing us. Before that though we need to create our own sound and I’m not sure if 2018 is the year for that but it certainly should be a stepping stone.